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Happy Hacks

Sep 17, 2019

Dan Murray Serter has been a winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, hosts one of Europe’s top entrepreneurship podcasts; Secret Leaders. He is the co-founder of the Foundrs community in London and Los Angeles. Dan is a TEDX Speaker and gave a through-provoking talk asking the question ‘Can...

Sep 3, 2019

This episode is a quick 10 min recording updating you on my taking a few weeks off Instagram and off work to reset. I've had a few realizations which I share and a fun announcement about something new I'm bringing to the next episode!

Aug 5, 2019

Ok as promised, I'm talking with my husband of 14 yrs (!!) Nick, today on the show. We're sharing the brilliant techniques we've discovered around resolving conflict.  The discoveries we've made as to how to have a better understanding of one another's viewpoint and more harmony when we are disagreeing on the big stuff,...

Jul 24, 2019

I was trying to get to sleep tonight but all I could think about was how astounded I am at what I have achieved over the last 8 months - how it IS possible to break through your upper limits (err that we put on ourselves).

And this made me wonder how many of you, dear listeners, maybe living smaller than your hopes and...

Jul 23, 2019

This episode was sparked by an article a wonderful member of my community sent me which was written in The Guardian newspaper by Brigid Schulte about how woman's biggest enemy is a lack of time to herself.

It reminded me of the things I have conquered in order to claim time for myself for deep work (such as painting,...