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Happy Hacks

Mar 19, 2021

6 things they don't teach you at school that will change the course of your life. 

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Mar 8, 2021

This week I talk with my friend Jay who shares with us the challenging life experience he is navigating right now and the mindset that is seeing him through.

We talk about the thoughts we draw on to keep us going, the books that have changed us and the concepts we return to when life gets gnarly.

Books jay...

Jan 12, 2021

Have you ever set yourself a word for the year? After laughing out loud at the idea several years ago I soon become a convert. Listen in to hear my word (ie focus) for the year and how it could benefit you to set on too!


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Jan 4, 2021

Learn how to set your 2021 12 month vision!

Inside Untold Happiness this month we are setting our 2021 Vision and I don’t want you to miss out on learning the process.

- You will learn how to take the lessons your learned in 2020 and apply them to your life.

- How to cut through all your good ideas and land on the...

Dec 31, 2020

Join me in my kitchen as I share one tool you can use to manage coping with being in lockdown and living with these restrictions.

I also meander into a chat about how I have been using this tool personally around a recent death of a loved one. 

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