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Happy Hacks

Jun 15, 2019

Wow. So the chronic pain appeared out of nowhere again this morning. Knowing what I know after the miracle I experienced on Christmas Eve (ep 22 Ease + Miracles) I knew it was in the realms of possibility that I could go from being more or less unable to walk because of the excruciating pain shooting down the inside...

Jun 9, 2019


Join me as I share a little moment of clarity I had around waiting for your dreams to appear and the miracles that happen when you just let go and allow life to unfold for you.


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Jun 3, 2019

A little episode about conquering fears. Sharing a story about how I talked to my 7 yr old son about the teachings I've learned around how the brain's job is to protect us fear which led to him overcoming a big fear of his own.

Also, several episodes back I mentioned that I use a 5 step process to practise forgiveness...