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Happy Hacks

Feb 11, 2022

Welcome to my brand new Do What You Love mini series.
In this series I am chatting with people who have mastered this art and I ask them the same three questions: 
  1. How did you find the confidence to embark on 'doing what you love' instead of settling for a 'sensible job'? 
  2. What sacrifices (if any) have you had to make, and has it been worth it?
  3. How did you develop your mindset to believe you can make a living doing what you love?
These are questions I was desperate to ask people when I was trying to figure out how to escape work I hated and do what I love.
In this second episode of the mini-series we have Louise Boyce aka @MAMASTILLGOTIT as our guest! Louise is someone who had a simple idea, had the courage to explore it and experienced enormous success as a result.
Enjoy the episode and let me know what landed with you by dropping me an email at 
Mother of three, and model for over 20 years, Louise found becoming a mother changed the way she felt about herself – she lost her identity and confidence and at times doubted herself as a mother, as a model and as a woman, but decided she wouldn’t let these negative thoughts take over. She wanted to feel and look like she'd ‘still got it’ and wanted to help other women feel the same way too. 
At the start of the pandemic she had an idea to post some funny motherhood videos on TikTok, she followed that curiosity and now is an award winning content creator with an audience of 231k.
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